The néw rosé?!

BY Nadia Dubeau
August 21, 2016

August 21, 2016 The néw rosé?!

BY Nadia Dubeau

What IS that?!

Recently, I have been seeing something a bit strange.  When walking around the squares in villages throughout France, I keep seeing the same thing.  I couldn’t figure out what people were drinking!  Almost everyone had a glass of something pink, but beer-like in front of them.  A cocktail?  A strange new beer?  I had no idea until I finally asked a friend.  The friend replied, well, of course! That’s rosé beer!

This is the new fad in France:  a slightly off-dry, refreshing, fruit-driven beer.  Hoegaarden makes one.  Wieckse makes one.  Even Kasteel Cru makes one.  This is the hot new summer beverage of choice.  Take a lovely lager or wheat beer, and infuse it with raspberry, or strawberry, or other refreshing-yet-delicious red fruits. The result is a super easy-drinking beer with a pleasing pink colour, perfect for any time of day and any occasion.

If you want to check out some rosé beer for yourself, head down to your local liquor store.  They’re bound to have at dcfa65d282e2e7a4e1d89eec0db4c370least a couple of selections to choose from – and if they don’t, you can always put in a request!

Cheers to rosé beer!  Cheers to summer!



Photo credit: Pinterest and INFINIVIN