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    Vineyards to Villages (V2V) was started by the Sonoma County wine industry to bring clean water infrastructure to schools in western Kenya. In September, V2V is hosting the 2nd annual V2V Wine Safari to give people the opportunity to drink boutique Sonoma County wines and view African wildlife while bringing clean water to …

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Stocking a Home Bar

June 7, 2016

What’s in a Bar? Home Bar Essentials You need more than a couple of Martini glasses in order to stock the perfect home bar! Learn what tools are essential for crafting a classic Manhattan and when a cocktail should be shaken and not stirred! Bottle Opener I have a friend who always has a bottle …

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Anthony Mueller from the French Laundry discusses what it's like to be a Sommelier.

Do you know many people that can say they were slinging wine at Ruth’s Chris by 21? We didn’t think so. Meet our super star sommelier Anthony Mueller, currently working at The French Laundry (just a small world-renowned restaurant in Napa. Heard of it? Thought so). Ever tasted Lay’s potato chips and Fino Sherry? By …

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label feature 2

Trying to decide between a few bottles, but not quite sure what the differences are?  Sometimes wine labels seem like they’re written in a different language because, well, often times, they are. But with these easy steps, your friends will be handing you the wine list in no time! First thing’s first – be able …

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cork banner

Intimidated by the sheer volume of options when you walk down the wine aisle at your local shop?  You’re not alone! Wine labels are meant to help you figure out what awesomeness awaits inside each bottle but between fancy designs and the variety of industry terms used by producers – they can often add to …

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Wine storage blog

That countertop wine rack proudly displaying the 2004 Dom Perignon your boss re-gifted to you last year for Christmas might look super classy but since it’s sitting a foot from your stove-top, you are slowly but surely killing anything worth drinking in the bottle. The important thing when storing wine (of any price-point) is not aesthetics …

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