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One night earlier this summer, a group of six women filed into a corner booth at Mamo, a Manhattan transplant of the very popular restaurant Mamo Le Michelangelo in the French Riviera. But before they sat down, the queen bee with crown crafted by Drybar, whose vibrant turquoise handbag matched her cocktail dress, asked the …

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However, rosé is increasingly being drunk year-round and there are many factors which make it an appropriate and pleasant choice for autumn and winter as well as for the warmer months. In France, where many of the best rosé regions are located, it is drunk in all seasons and in fact the French now consume more rosé than white wine.

If spring’s around the corner, can rosé wines be far behind? To be honest, most wine lovers probably don’t think much about rosé wines before June or after September – some may never think about them at all – but during those hot and humid months, rosés seem a capital idea for a light lunch, a Niçoise salad, a BLT, or a batch of guacamole.