A Rosé for Every Mood

BY Amber Hayes
August 7, 2016

August 7, 2016 A Rosé for Every Mood

BY Amber Hayes

Rosé is delicious, refreshing, joy-inducing and of course, the best varietal known to man. We all know this already. However, can we use this delectable little bev as a means of expression? Well, we certainly can try. With all the fabulous variety available in our niche of the wine world, we decided to take a stab at creating a mood ring-like key for your Rosé drinking ways. Read on to find out which Rosés pair best with all your multi-faceted feels.


Romantic: Is there any happier feeling than the one of romance? We think not. Wanting to basque in the loving glances of your numero uno does not demand the cliché glass of red nor the non-PETA approved bear skinned rug of days past. To truly embody the butterflies in your tum tum, turn up the roséy romanticism with Ruinart Rose, Rosé Sparkling Wine from Champagne, France. Busting out this little babe for your babe will let everyone know exactly how you feel.


Sheepish: We have all had those moments of wanting to be left alone or feeling shy and yet somehow feeling as though we have a sign on foreheads that says, “Annoying person I don’t know, please come up and talk to me.” Now you can show everyone that you don’t feel like being bothered while enjoying a delicious glass of Rosé. Try the 2015 Blushing Bear Rosé by Pursued by Bear Cellars of Washington. The adorably coy bear on the bottle will surely inform passersby as well as a “Do Not Disturb” sign while you sip in delight.


Rowdy: If you want to get turnt and you know it clap your hands have a chilly can of Babe or it’s bottled counterpart, White Girl Rosé by White Girl Wines. Not only will it show your “Millenial-ness” by drinking wine from the people behind the infamous White Girl Problems Twitter account but depending on who you are, you may also be able to drink it ironically, #doublepoints. The beauty behind these oh so trendy and humorous Rosé options is that they make the perfect party accoutrement for when you still want to feel classy while acting a bit more brassy.


Film Noir-esque: Those self-indulgent yet private moments of either self-loathing, sadness or just general apathy cry out for the perfect wine pairing. If you’re having one of those days where you are feeling like an anthropomorphized version of Henri the Cat, grab your beret and don your best unimpressed facial expression while sipping on Mas de Cadenet 2015 Rosé (Côtes de Provence Sainte-Victoire). It’s bold makeup of 50% Grenache will keep you pontificating darkly into the wee hours of the night.


Powerful: So, you just clinched that major deal you had been working on for months or perhaps, you finally told someone what you really thought after too long of staying polite. You are riding high on your personal empowerment and while most may reach for a bourbon or whisky you know that there are Roséier options available. We couldn’t resist putting the 2015 Underwood Rosé by Union Wine Company as our top pick for your powerful moments. Granted the wine itself is not affiliated with the iconic Frank Underwood of House of Cards but you’ll know what it means. Even better, this lovely wine also comes in a can option so you can smash it when you’re done. Perfect for plotting your climb to the top.


Adorable: If you’re feeling too cute for words, first, good for you #selflovegoals. Secondly, you’re no doubt outfitted and coiffed accordingly, now what shall you grip in your sweet little paws and quirkily sip? This one has to go to the sweet little pink can of Francis Ford Coppola’s Sofia Blanc de Blanc’s blend. This bubbly little number comes in a cute box of four to just put you that much over the top on the cute scale. Did we mention it’s also super refreshing?


No matter what type of mood you are in, there is without a doubt a Rosé that pairs sweetly even with the more bitter varieties of emotions. Thanks to a growing affection for our lady of the pink grail, we have selection like never before. This means that you can remain as complex and flippant as ever and never be thirsty.


Photo credit: Dirty and Thirty and Imgrum