The Rise of Canned Rosé

BY Amber Hayes
July 4, 2016

July 4, 2016 The Rise of Canned Rosé

BY Amber Hayes

For many of our regular readers, the fact that Rosé is now being sold in cans and taken seriously is not news. However, what is newsworthy is its continuing rise in the pink drink marketplace. We initially reported on The Drop and Underwood’s Rosé in a can. Arguably, these were the two to create this newest wave of canned Rosé buzziness. Cans, boxes, sealed glasses, these are not new ways of packaging and selling wine. What is new, however, is the idea that any liquid called “wine” sold in those vessels would be drinkable or wouldn’t automatically peg you as obtuse and unrefined. These new canned options are not only receiving a warm reception, one might even say they’ve become downright trendy.


This writer isn’t turning up her nose when it comes to these higher-end cousins to the “Silver Bullet”. Rather, she is embracing them. Look, if serious winemakers have found a way to package a delicious Rosé that allows one to a) Float down a river drinking something other than beer. b) Drink in the park without being suspect (No one should do that.) and c) Easily keep Rosé cool while picnicking on the beach and leaving no wounded soldiers behind, then I’m all for it. Doesn’t canned Rosé ultimately give us Roséy folk freedom? Freedom to celebrate summer in the most American way possible by holding a “cold one” in our hand but still being true to our inner Francophile. This is big, people!


Hold onto your hats because this whole canned Rosé thing is not limited to just two delicious brands. No, my friends. I know you have stayed thirsty and thus, here you have three other delectable canned Rosés to try:


The Infinite Monkey Theorem’s Rosé: With its creamy, berry notes and slight hit of acid, this Rosé in a can is a must try. At $15 per 4 250ml cans, it’s a great deal from this self-proclaimed “Back alley winemaker” who proudly claims a “pretense free” approach to wine.


Field Recordings 2015 Alloy Grenache Rosé: This insanely popular Rosé is currently sold out on the Field Recordings website. That ought to be a good sign for those wondering if it’s worth trying out. This silver can of loveliness boasts the customary floral and fruity notes along with a Sour Patch Kids essence.


White Girl Wine’s Babe Rosé with Bubbles: Coming soon to stores near you is the canned version of the very funny White Girl Wine’s Rosé with Bubbles, “Babe”. For those of you who follow @whitegrlproblem on Twitter, then you 060816-babe-rose-embedare familiar with the brothers Tanner and David Oliver Cohen and their pal Josh Ostrovsky (aka The Fat Jew). These funny few, started a wine company named after their well known Twitter account which makes only Rosé. They’ve recently announced their effervescent canned variety, Babe, named after the fictional character they voice via tweets. So, is it any good? Well, as Josh himself says, “People expect it to be terrible — the number one thing people say when they try it is, ‘This is not that bad.’ We love that,” he also wants you to know that it pairs well with “a joint or a post-break-up spiral.”

Lila Wines 4-Pack: Rosé, Provence, France: Currently sold out after all the hype out there, Lila boats an authentically Provencal Rosé in can form.  Brought to you by the people at 90+ Cellars, this femininely named beverage comes in a black and hot pink can that will make you want to bust out your old Malibu Beach Barbie.  90+ Cellars wants you to know that Lila is “Light, crisp and aromatic with aromas of fresh watermelon, strawberries and a hint of minerality”.  It’s a fruity but dry canned option and once it’s back in stock you may want to order a few four-packs.

Francis Ford Coppola’s Sofia Blanc de Blancs blend Minis: Adorably packaged, this set of four comes to you in a pink gift box, making your initial thoughts on canned wine immediately null and void. Romantic and cute, Coppola’s Sofia Minis are bubbly and will look great posted in your hand as you post up on the beach. At $20 per four pack, we’re pretty sure it’s worth it just to see the look on your friends’ faces when you pull this chilled minis out of your bag.


Photo credit: Style Caster and InStyle