Perfect Pairings for your Summer Rosé

BY Nadia Dubeau
May 31, 2016

May 31, 2016 Perfect Pairings for your Summer Rosé

BY Nadia Dubeau

This summer, when you pick up that bottle of light, fresh, dry Provençal rosé, make sure you pair it right to accent it, without overwhelming its subtle flavours.  Not all rosés all built the same, but here are some recommendations for those bright, delicate wines that just scream for summer dishes.

A lot of the time, wines made in European regions are designed to work with the typical food produced there, and vice versa.  Provence in the summer means light salads, fresh and fabulous seafood, grilled fish with a hint of smoky charcoal flavour, zesty goat’s cheese, and raw oysters.

My favourite pairings are light and fresh – perfect summer food for the perfect summer wine.


My top pairings:

Mixed beet salad with dill, roasted almonds, and goat’s cheese

Coucous salad with orange zest, dried cranberries, and shredded mint

Roasted and pickled carrot salad with feta and chili vinaigrette

Fresh oysters on the half shell (mignonette and lemon optional, but encouraged!)

Roasted red pepper soup with lime fromage sorbet and togarashi spice

Maryland-style crab cakes

Grilled fish (trout is one of my favourites) with lemon and herb compound butter

Grilled vegetables with Romesco sauce

Sautéed prawns – straight up, with a little Provençal olive oil and a sprinkling of salt


Photo credit: Handpicked Wines