Chef Spotlight: Daniel Edwards, Chef, Maui

BY Amber Hayes
June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016 Chef Spotlight: Daniel Edwards, Chef, Maui

BY Amber Hayes

Chef Daniel Edwards is currently the Owner and Head Chef at Maui’s Next Level Hospitality & Events. Prior to taking off on his own, Chef Edwards worked under big names such as Morimoto in his young but impressive culinary career.


IMG_2128Born and raised in Southern Oregon, Edwards was fortunate to be raised on fresh, local cuisine which imbued in him a great respect and passion for food and wine. A possessor of a curious mind and a restless soul, Edwards has worked in fine dining establishments in California, Oregon, Colorado and Hawaii. He currently enjoys bringing his guests inspired, local cuisine peppered with tokens of his other regional expertise.


What is your favorite thing about wine?

As a Chef, I think it’s versatility. When done well, wine is perfect for all cuisines and all occasions. Personally, what I appreciate most about wine is the endless education it can provide. From raising grapes to tasting, wine is an endless, rich educational experience for the knowledge thirsty.


What is in your glass?

Right now, I am really enjoying our local wines from Rose Ranch Ulupalakua. The Pineapple wine is perfect for the Summer heat.  


What is on your plate and what Rosé are enjoying alongside it?

Honestly? Tacos! I love experimenting with the array of vegetables I have growing in my garden. Plus, you can’t beat the fresh Hawaiian fish and local meats. You’ll probably catch me sipping on Ulupalakua’s Estate Rosé. It’s delicious and has hints of strawberry and nectarine.


What would an ideal pairing from your menu be with a nice glass of Rosé?

The Macadamia crusted Maguro! The delicate flavors of the fish with the subtle nutty, fattiness from the Macadamias would be delicious with a crisp Rosé.


You said earlier when we were talking that Rosé has been increasing in popularity. Why do you think that is?

More people are making them. It’s exciting for wine makers because it’s a quick turnover with less aging time. This is providing a greater variety and making wine drinkers try them and fall in love with them.


To learn more about Chef Edwards and his offerings at Next Level Hospitality, check out his website.


Photo credit: NCL