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I visited Domaine de Frégate on Easter Sunday, mostly because it was pretty much the only winery open!  I’m so happy that I went!  I was immediately blown away by the constant stream of people coming through the doors of the tasting room, acquiring cases and cases of wine!  They all seemed to be regulars …

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Domaine de la Tour du Bon is located off a peaceful little winding road, close to the incredible medieval burg of Le Castellet (an excellent detour for spending a few glorious hours consuming some of the best French pastries you have ever tried).  A long time ago, according to legend, there was a watchtower on …

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rose cropped

I’m not quite sure who we should thank for it but it seems like rose has been undergoing something of a cultural comeback these days! For years I’ve professed my love of the blushing beautiful pink wines of the world and been met by looks of pity or confusion.  Lucky for us, rose is finally …

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