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Chef Daniel Edwards is currently the Owner and Head Chef at Maui’s Next Level Hospitality & Events. Prior to taking off on his own, Chef Edwards worked under big names such as Morimoto in his young but impressive culinary career.   Born and raised in Southern Oregon, Edwards was fortunate to be raised on fresh, …

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This summer, when you pick up that bottle of light, fresh, dry Provençal rosé, make sure you pair it right to accent it, without overwhelming its subtle flavours.  Not all rosés all built the same, but here are some recommendations for those bright, delicate wines that just scream for summer dishes. A lot of the …

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I visited Domaine de Frégate on Easter Sunday, mostly because it was pretty much the only winery open!  I’m so happy that I went!  I was immediately blown away by the constant stream of people coming through the doors of the tasting room, acquiring cases and cases of wine!  They all seemed to be regulars …

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Rosé’s surging popularity has burst over the wine world like fireworks on Bastille Day and with this long overdue elevation to respectability, consumption is soaring. As Shyda Gilmer, COO of New York retailer Sherry-Lehmann, explains “Rosé sales have continued to grow by double digits over the last five years. It used to be that we had …

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Domaine de la Tour du Bon is located off a peaceful little winding road, close to the incredible medieval burg of Le Castellet (an excellent detour for spending a few glorious hours consuming some of the best French pastries you have ever tried).  A long time ago, according to legend, there was a watchtower on …

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The rosé craze taken to its logical extreme. Summer activities beg refreshment, but choices are limited. Do you go hiking with a bottle of wine? How about the ingredients for a mojito? Of course you don’t. The latter may never come within reach—despite the barrage of canned cocktails that never really catch on—but canned wine …

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Rosé on the rise

May 15, 2016

The Okanagan lifestyle, for most, is known for its simplicity—informal dining (with a touch of the inter-national) and openness to new experiences. The rise in rosé wines is very much in step with this verve. The 2015 world wine market report shows rosé wines recording the highest growth and a growing world trend. In France, rosé …

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The silly tradition to drink pink wine only in summer is dead or dying, and that’s a good thing.When you taste the wonderful variety of rosé wines available, you realize that they can be as serious or as frivolous as any red or white, and they can spark a fine dinner as easily as they can …

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