Brad Pitt ‘is unhappy Angelina wants to sell Chateau Miraval’

BY Crushed
June 24, 2016

June 24, 2016 Brad Pitt ‘is unhappy Angelina wants to sell Chateau Miraval’

BY Crushed

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seem to have been rather content with each other since meeting on the set of their 2005 action film Mr And Mrs Smith.

But the couple, who wed in 2014 and parent six children together, seem to have hit a snag this year, according to a Wednesday report from UsWeekly.

It has been claimed the A-list actor, 52, is not happy that his 41-year-old wife wants to sell their sprawling Chateau Miraval property in France to help further her political career in London.

‘Angelina is ramping up her efforts in the political world,’ a source told the publication. The Oscar winner has been working with Arminka Helic, the British House Of Lords member.  ‘They share a similar vision.’ said a source.

Jolie and Helic have partnered up for a nonprofit based in the UK. And the Maleficent beauty has also been teaching at Helic’s alma mater the London School Of Economics.

It looks as if Angelina wants to enter the House Of Lords, because the source said she is interested in unloading the Miraval estate she owns with Pitt. Only tax-paying British residents are allowed into the House.

As of this summer, the stars are living in England where Brad is shooting the sequel to World War Z. He has just finished working on War Machine and Allied.

Turns out Brad does not want to let go of the French estate, which he has tirelessly renovated and which produces their brand of pink wine.

‘She wants to sell Chateau Miraval and Brad refuses,’ said the source.

Pitt owns a home in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles but it is not known if that is in her name as well and will have to go too.

And though Jolie is slated for a Maleficent sequel which Disney confirmed this spring, a source added ‘she has turned her back on Hollywood.’

Jolie has indeed been very involved with politics these days.

On June 20 the By The Sea director addressed a crowd at the State Department in Washington DC on World Refugee Day.

Pitt seems to be allowing some fun in his life, however, as he was seen at the 84th 24 hours Le Mans race in France on June 18.

Source: Daily Mail Online