Awesome Vacation Destinations: Saint-Tropez

BY Nadia Dubeau
July 25, 2016

July 25, 2016 Awesome Vacation Destinations: Saint-Tropez

BY Nadia Dubeau

Saint-Tropez:  Haven of the rich and famous.  Culinary playground.  Beach paradise.  Nightclub hotspot.  The place to see and be seen.

Uniquely chic, incredibly beautiful, and a must-visit summer destination….


Saint-Tropez offers an incredible food scene, with several Michelin-starred and Michelin-recommended restaurants in the area.  There are many wineries too, making rosé, of course, which is the drink of choice of this beautiful village!

The beaches are incredible – golden sand on the crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea…  If you like water sports, you can always take up water-skiing, scuba diving, or try your hand on a boat or jet ski.  The beaches generally offer public and private tanning areas, and…  clothing can be optional, depending on the beach!

Under all the glitz and glamour, Saint-Tropez is really a charming old fishing village on the French Riviera.  It became famous when, back in 1956, French film star Brigitte Bardot filmed a movie on Tahiti Beach.  Since then, Saint-Tropez has always been the go-to destination for the wealthy.


If you ever get tired of the beach, prowl the open-air markets in search of hidden treasures, visit one of the region’s wineries, browse some of the boutique shops, or participate in an olive oil tasting.  Despite all the chic-ness of Saint-Tropez, there is really something for everyone – and on any budget.

The town is also known as the city of light – inspiring such painters as Matisse… maybe it will inspire you as well!



Photo credit: VillaVillas , Sosialutvalget and The Style Memo