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At Chateau la Mascaronne, traditional techniques are combined with technological innovation to create a range of beautiful rosés. They’ve received frequent awards for the quality of their wines and have a growing international reputation. Marketing manager Stephen Goodchild tells us a bit more.

However, rosé is increasingly being drunk year-round and there are many factors which make it an appropriate and pleasant choice for autumn and winter as well as for the warmer months. In France, where many of the best rosé regions are located, it is drunk in all seasons and in fact the French now consume more rosé than white wine.

Until recently, rosé has been deemed a frivolous wine. Wine drinkers who consider themselves to be ‘serious’ about their tipple wouldn’t be seen dead with a glass, determining that rosé is not even ‘real’ wine. In the last few years, however, rosé has seen a significant surge in popularity…..particularly by younger…

A glass or two… or three, never fails to add a touch of enjoyment, luxury, and sophistication to pretty much any situation. I can’t recall a single moment that wasn’t made better when we cracked open a bottle of rosé. From relaxing on the beach to cuddling up by a fire on a cold winter evening, there’s a rosé out there for every occasion.