4 Celebrity Wineries with Rosés Worth Tasting

BY Amber Hayes
June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016 4 Celebrity Wineries with Rosés Worth Tasting

BY Amber Hayes

The term “celebrity winery” often comes with a soon to follow eye roll. Look, I get it. It’s easy to think, “Ok. Now you’re a vintner. Well, of course you are.” Ah, celebrities. Yes, it’s true many celebrities have a lot of money and sure, some of them probably just liked how fancy they felt when they saw their name emblazoned across a wine bottle. However, it’s also easy to see how fame and fortune can expose one to the wine world in a glorious way and give one access to some of the best wines in the world. So, we did some digging to find out which, if any, celebrity wineries are legit and of those, which provide a Rosé worthy of note for our roséy readership. So, if you are looking to add some sparkle and flash to your pinky drinky ways this summer, try a few of these on for size. We can’t guarantee it will be the best Rosé you have ever had, but just as you “partied with Ja Rule” in Vegas that one time (Read: Went to a club when he hosted one night a really, really long time ago.), so too can you “drink” with these fine famous folks.


  1. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Chateau Miraval Rosé 2015: This absurdly famous power duo are known for their films, humanitarian work and their earth shatteringly good Rosé. In 2013, the Chateau Miraval’s 2012 Rosé was ranked as the best Rosé in the world by Wine Spectator. The 2015 is sure to also be delicious. While Brangelina were not first to the celebrity wine game, they were ahead of the curve on the whole Rosé celebrity wine train. If you haven’t tried this yet, you must. You can enjoy this super famous Rosé made by famous people for a cool $12.95
  2. Kyle MacLachlan’s Blushing Bear Rosé 2015: You may or may not remember the show Twin Peaks from the 80’s. If not, it’s set to make a comeback in 2017 and Kyle MacLachlan will be joining the revival cast. If that doesn’t ring any bells, he also plays the goofy Mayor on Portlandia. Ten years ago Mr. MacLachlan formed a well-respected, winemaking partnership with Walla Walla Valley’s Dunham Cellars to create Pursued by Bear wine. The name is inspired by an obscure directional note in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale and we’d expect nothing less from this quirky actor. Aside from having made quite the splash with other varieties, Pursued by Bear has released its first Rosé, Blushing Bear. It’s being sold in limited quantities at $28 per bottle. We suspect this will be a good one, although if you hate it, the cute label will at least bring a smile to your face.
  3. Francis Coppola’s Sofia Rose 2014: Ok, ok. Relax. We are well aware that there are a lot of “feels” out there regarding the famous Director’s winery given the level of commercial success it has had. Before we stick our noses in the air, let us try and remember that Mr. Coppola was early on the whole celebrity wine train. Also, this writer has no problem admitting to enjoying a bottle or two of his Director’s Cut Cab here and there (the 2012 was given a 91 point rating by Wine Enthusiast). So yes, you have seen his Sofia Rose everywhere but just because it’s readily available does not mean it isn’t good. Wine Spectator gave the 2011 vintage a respectable 89. Pull up your director’s chair and enjoy a bottle for the low, low price of $14.99.
  4. Ferruccio Ferragamo’s Il Borro: Bolle di Borro Classic Method Rosé: Can it get any more Italian than a famous Italian shoe designer starting a winery in Tuscany? We think not. If you think it can, then please, take a moment to say the emboldened opener for this final of the list of four- aloud. Admit it. You used your hands. This fine man, his fine shoes and his fine, incredibly relatable love for wine score him tons of points with this gal. Also, his wine supposedly quite excellent with some scoring in the 90s. This is the only sparkling on our list and we had to make it a fancy one. Like his shoes, his wine doesn’t come cheaply. The Bolle di Borro Classic Method Rosé 2011 will set you back about $50. A small price to pay for designer Italian finery. Ciao!


There you have it. Our top 4 celebrity wineries with drinkable Rosés and some better than drinkable. If you pull a bottle of one of these bad boys out and one of your too cool for school hipster friends sneers, “You know that’s _______’s winery, right?” You can kindly point them to this Buzzfeed list and remind them that if they knew half as much about wine as they think they do, they’d be drinking Fergie’s “Fergalicious Red Wine Blend”, yes, that exists. Happy toasting friends and don’t forget your shades, the glare from those paparazzi cameras can be blinding.


Photo credit:Times of Malta